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In June 2013 I graduated the Academy of Economics Studies of one of the highest status and respected Universities in Romania, achieving high grades in Financial Audit and Counselling.
I was in charge of the master group and was responsible and the co-ordinator for 100 students to complete a difficult program.
During that period, I got involved in organising events & volunteer work helping children from disadvantaged families to making progress in school. The voluntary work gave me great satisfaction knowing that my skills were put to good use helping the children to improve on their education.
Later in 2013, I went to USA for international work experience. The experience was a complete success with excellent feedback from my superiors.
In April 2014 I was accepted to work for Ernst and Young Audit Company as an External Auditor.
The job involved going from client to client collating, checking and analysing spreadsheet data, examining company accounts and financial control system. Ensure financial reports and records are accurate and reliable, identifying if and where processes are not working as they should and so much more.
My job was endless and unforgiving, working very long hours and as time went by so did my life, I was very unhappy and frustrated. My job was very stressful with deadlines to meet, I was practically working for the weekend to get back to some sort of normality.
I would often think.. ”When will I be able to travel, truly relax, be around people I love?” After some time I left Ernst and Young because I wanted my life back.
December 2015, I moved to London and was thinking about changing my job aspects.
Then in February 2016 I had an interest in Online Marketing, I was invited via a FB ad to attend a free online business workshop.
“I’ve found the solution I’ve been searching for!” .. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

And now starts the next chapter of my amazing life! 😉

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